Audio Visual Installations

From a video wall installation viewed by thousands to a video conferencing solution in a meeting room, from the screen playing a news channel to a fully automated boardroom, Audio Visual installations have become a ubiquitous feature of modern business life.

Cityvoice Communication Consultancy team understand that audio visual requirements come in all shapes and sizes; they also understand that users not only require audio and visual excellence, but simplicity of use.

As part of our drive to deliver the best solutions we partner with world leading vendors and employ installation teams at the top of their game.


Audio and Visual
Screens and projectors account for the majority of visual displays in a business environment. Hospitality and professional grade screens offer excellent mounting options and a business warranty. Projectors come in many sizes, formats and display resolutions.

The provision of effective audio is important to a room’s effectiveness. Amplification and speaker options are many and varied from a simple wall mounted speaker to a hidden surround sound system.

Sound and pictures can be delivered from Satellite and terrestrial TV, video conferencing or a simple PowerPoint presentation, amongst others.

Boardroom automation has become the norm. Executives want an impressive facility to present from, something that portrays the company well in front of visitors. Above all, the system should be easy to use and reliable – gone are the days when your IT manager needs to attend each meeting, just in case!

Audio Visual Control and Switching allow the separate components in a room to be controlled from a single place; a wall panel, touch screen or tablet computer. These systems integrate not only with the audio and visual equipment, but also the electronic projector screens and drops, window blinds, lighting and cooling – one button press sets the entire scene


Audio and video conferencing is often at the centre of any Boardroom installation. Integration of Video Conferencing, where all parties can see and be seen, hear and be heard is a keystone of any requirement.

The Cityvoice Communication Consultancy team are specialist at planning and delivering hardware, software and the Internet and network connectivity required to run an effective communications hub.

If the audio visual requirement is driven by relocating or refurbishing office space, our Office Movers Consultancy are ideally placed to offer strategic project management and a liaison point with your Design and Build / Office fit-out contractors.

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