Gamma Telecom

The Cityvoice Communication Consultancy is pleased to partner with Gamma Telecom, the largest trade supplier to the telecoms industry in the UK. Our partnership with Gamma Telecom brings considerable buying power, allowing us to pass on savings to customers and importantly, an enhanced service from BT Openreach.


BT line rental and telephone call traffic
As market leader for origination and fixed termination over IP, Gamma is the Carrier of choice in the UK for BT line rental and telephone call traffic.

Internet Access connections
A range of Internet Access connection products engineered to give customers choice, reliability and value.

Hosted and Cloud
Hosted ‘cloud’ based voice services that enable customers to achieve cost savings, flexibility and credible Disaster Recovery within their businesses.

The Gamma Telecom product suite is back by a superb support structure, enhanced by the Cityvoice Communication Consultancy team.

We are delighted to provide customers with services from this leading network carrier so that you could enjoy the benefits of an extensive, modern, reliable network, an emphasis on quality and customer feedback.

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