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The provision of voice and data solutions services to Business Centre, Serviced Office or Multi-Tenanted Buildings presents a unique set of challenges.

In a traditional company environment, technology decisions are made based around a known user base and a technology strategy matched to the aims and objects of the business. Business Centre owners do not have the luxury of knowing their users, or their user’s objectives in advance. Landlords need to make their properties as marketable as possible, to as wider audience as possible.


In our experience, there are a number of key areas of consideration.

Occupancy – Serviced Office owners strive to achieve high occupancy rates at the best possible price in order to maximise return. Whilst the aesthetics of the building are important, providing high quality technology can increase marketability, earnings and will promote lengthier tenancies.

Flexibility – client companies will increase and decrease their space requirements over time, the reason why a spread of unit sizes is good for any Business Centre. The provision of flexible space needs to be matched with flexible technology, allowing customers to move in a matter of minutes, not weeks.

Speed – minimising void periods for is Multi-Tenanted buildings is an important consideration for landlords. All too often, sales teams sell space, only to be told by the client that they move in once BT has installed lines. The enforced void period is costly and can be weeks not days. Providing services ‘on tap’ drives high occupancy rates.

Notwithstanding this, landlords want to maximise their technology pound, minimising upfront investment whilst providing the best possible high occupancy rates and choice for customers.

Cityvoice communication consultancy team understand this market and the particular challenges it presents. The team have a portfolio of managed internet access and telephony systems that drive high occupancy rates.

Managed internet access and telephony systems can either be purchased or rented on a wide variety of commercial options. Cityvoice communication consultancy, voice and data solutions for Business Centres, Serviced Office and Multi-Tenanted Buildings.

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