Technology Consultancy

There are times when you need the experts on your side. On a project-by-project basis, or as part of a wider strategy, Cityvoice Communication Consultancy team help organisations define, deliver and support a technology vision.

The Cityvoice methodology dictates that projects are directly overseen at Director level. This means that prompt decision making and accountability are at the heart of each project, allowing multiple, global stakeholders to entrust their major projects to Cityvoice.


Cityvoice offers consultancy services in the following areas:

Telephony Systems and Lines
Taking a whole market approach to the procurement, management and support of Telephony Systems and associated lines, Cityvoice Communication Consultancy teams can help you make the correct strategy decisions.

Internet Access connection and Wide Area Network
Procuring a fully meshed, resilient and redundant Internet Access connection is critical to allow staff to work effectively. Cityvoice Communication Consultancy teams are best placed to advise on all types of Internet Access connection and Wide Area Networks

Audio and Video Conferencing / Audio Visual
Everything from a simple meeting room screen to a fully immersive, Video Conferencing suite with high levels of automation, Cityvoice Communication Consultancy teams can help specify and deliver the company vision.

In addition, Structured Cabling, Networking Infrastructure and Physical Security packages can be included in the consultancy package, especially where a business is relocating or refurbishing office space.

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