Corporate Wireless Network

With an increasing amount of user utilising the power of Tablet Computers, Smartphones in their daily business lives, Corporate Wireless Network has an ever-more important role to play in securing the companies IT systems.

As a Voice and Data solution provider, Cityvoice Communication Consultancy understand these challenges and have found clear benefits associated with deploying a Corporate Wireless Network, which include:

Convenience and Productivity. Access your network resources from any location within your Corporate Wireless Network’s coverage area giving staff the ability to work how and where they want, increasing productivity and encouraging collaboration.

Security and Simplicity. Keeping the network secure needs to be the number one priority and a Corporate Wireless Network will allow this. Using different profiles within the systems for staff groups and visitors ensures that people see, only what they are meant to. Access itself is simple, with the clever stuff happening in the background.

Cityvoice Communication Consultancy team partner with an array of marketing leading, Corporate Wireless Network vendors and would be happy to recommend, procure, install and support a solution.


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